Soon after the trip to Cadwell the team heads to Derbyshire for a blast round Darley Moor race circuit.

The weather forecast wasn't looking good but both bikes were chucked in one van and the boys headed off early anyway. On arrival the track was damp in places but looked promising for the morning session. Due to most track days at Darley being held on friday combined with the poor weather forecast only ten or so people turned up who were then split into two groups. First session was fairly steady to warm up and remind Tim where the track went. By the second session the track was just about totally dry so the hammer went down!



By following Chris round for a few laps Tim got an idea of how fast he needed to be for race pace. Although he could stay with him for a few laps poor fitness forced him to back off before the end of the session. Time for some more cycling and excercise!



Luckily the weather stayed dry for the rest of the day so around 60 laps were completed and 40 litres of fuel was burned. Chris had plenty of time to play around with different gearing and suss the track without the pressure of racing. A perfect learning day for both riders, no pressure or many other bikes on track to worry about. This was the first time both Chris and Tim have managed to get out on track together and was awesome fun for everyone from start to finish.



The bikes still in one piece were loaded back up into Chris' van after the last session. Both riders absolutely knackered from working hard to go faster head home towards a huge thunderstorm. The end of a pretty much perfect day at Darley Moor.

Up next- two day race meeting back at Darley! Can Chris turn all this practice into better lap times?!



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