The Super Soco TC Max has a motor controller made by the well known Chinese company Golden Motor. The parameters of which are easily modified using a programming cable and PC. In this article I will describe how to enable regenerative braking on the TC Max. The same principles apply to adjusting all other parameters in the controller firmware. Be careful as it's possible to damage the motor and controller.



The only hardware required to program the motor controller are an allen key, a programming cable and a PC. 




Firstly the battery must be disconnected. Switch the breaker off and unplug the battery from the bike. Failure to do so could result in damage to hardware. For safety purposes you should make a habit of always disconnecting the battery when working on your bike.




To access the controller programming port both top and bottom right hand fairing panels must be removed. In order to remove the bottom panel the foot peg must also be removed.




Once the panels are removed the six pin programming port can be found at the front of the controller under a rubber bung.



Plug the programming cable into the port ensuring it's pushed all the way in and the retaining clip is engaged.



Plug the other end into your PC then start the programming software.



Select the com port you plugged the cable into.



Then click the connect button. The standard parameters should appear.



Click the export button and save the standard parameters to a file. Save the file to a safe place in case you need to return the settings to standard.



To enable regenerative braking look under the heading "EBS func setting" and select enable. The setting "EBS rev-charging current" is set to 80 by default this must be reduced to a value of 28. This should give you enough regenerative braking but won't cause an over current error on the battery's BMS. Failure to do this could possibly lock the back wheel or damage your bike.




Once you're happy with the settings press the download button to save them to the controller.



Click the upload button to check your parameters have been saved correctly. Then take your bike for a test ride.



The 12V signal for the regenerative brake is already wired to the brake light. So as soon as you pull the brake lever in enough for the brake light to come on the regen will start. There is a slight delay before it starts and also when it releases. Looking at the data from my ANT BMS you can see that it's charging the battery at a current of 9.2 Amps.








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