The Super Soco TC Max is a 5000 Watt electric motorcycle. One of the first affordable electric motorcycles with reasonable range and performance. These pages will cover my attempts to reverse engineer and maintain this motorcycle.


Modified Super Soco TC Max


After adding some stickers the first small project was to rewire the UK spec headlight switch. The wires for the headlight are permanently joined in the switch so the switch was removed and re-soldered to the switch terminals. The switch now toggles between lights on and auto lights... Much better.


Now lets get into what's planned for bigger improvements... The battery is a 20 cell ATL lithium ferrite type. Lithium ferrite is a good chemistry to use for low cost and reliability. They also have no cobalt in them. These are the same type that Tesla use in their Chinese made standard range Model 3. The down side is they don't have the energy density of lithium ion. So the plan is to build a new upgrade battery using 18650 lithium ion cells. Which hopefully should have 25% more capacity and 40% less weight! Please visit the TC Max battery page to find out how I get on....


TC Max Battery Upgrade




The standard charger that came with my bike is only capable of charging at 5 Amps. This means charge times can take up to 8 hours depending on state of charge. On the TC Max battery page I will investigate the possible alternatives with the goal of reducing charge time without too much cost...


TC Max Charging Page




Although electric vehicles require minimal maintenance they do require some. Check out the TC Max maintenance page for info on belt tension, brake servicing and other 


TC Max Maintenance Page






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