In order to improve and take full control of the battery on the Super Soco TC Max I'll try to build a new upgraded one. I think I can improve range around 25% by using 18650 cells. First thing to do is gather the parts and plan out how to arrange the 18650's. Some cell holders are obtained from AliExpress.


TC Max Battery Compartment


These cell holders are designed for 80 18650 cells. They will form a 16 parallel, 5 series module. There will be four modules stacked and connected in series making up a 16 parallel, 20 series battery pack with 320 cells total. I spent some time trying different cell holders in different arrangements. These ones cram the most cells in whilst maintaining an easy shape to work with. The holes between cells can accept a 4mm fibreglass rod to stop the modules moving around.


TC Max 18650 Battery Module


The new pack looks like it will be a good bit smaller than the original. Weight should also be considerably less. I've found some good quality 3500mAh cells which will make the entire pack 56Ah. A good upgrade from the original 45Ah battery.


TC Max Battery 18650


In order to maintain the cells within set parameters a BMS must be used. This Ant BMS seems to have plenty of cool features and spec including bluetooth programming and data acquisition. The temperature sensors are a bit big to fit between cells so I'll look for an alternative. The TC Max should pull around 70 Amps peak so the 100 Amp specification of this unit is fine.


Super Soco TC Max BMS


This additional communication module should allow the bikes original battery meter to work.


Super Soco Communication Module


Once the small holes in the cell holders are drilled clear with a 4mm drill bit, fibreglass rods can be inserted. These will help to maintain the structure of the battery and hold the PTFE separators in place. 


Super Soco DIY Battery


1mm PTFE sheets are cut down to size and drilled to allow the fibreglass rods to pass through. PTFE has a high melting point so should remain intact even if high temperatures occur. It will insulate the modules from each other to prevent short circuit.


Super Soco Rebuild Battery


320 LG MJ1 cells are purchased and assembled into modules. The LG cells are rated at 3500mAh and maximum discharge current of 10A. The bike should pull just over 4A per cell so well within specification.



Two layers of 0.2mm pure nickel sheet are welded using a K-Weld welder. Extra tabs are left on the sides to allow the modules series connections and BMS cell connections.





These battery sockets are available online. They seem to be good quality and will allow the use of the original plug on the bike.


Super Soco TC Max Battery Connector


Super Soco TC Max Battery Connector


The BMS has built in bluetooth to allow programming and monitoring of cell voltages. To make it possible to check the pack and cell voltages without the use of a phone, a screen will be added to the battery. This unit should display total voltage, individual cell voltages and current both in and out of the battery. I believe it will also allow the BMS to be turned on and of or reset.


Super Soco TC Max Ant BMS Screen


To be continued as I gather more parts...



# Andras 2022-04-27 16:34
Hi mate,

this project is really cool, congrat! I have a TC Max and I want to copy your battery pack :) Your youtube video contains almost every detail, I have two missing things: the alternative heat sensors and the battery case. can you give me some hints (maybe links ;) )

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# Tim 2022-04-28 17:33
Hi Andras,

The heat sensors are standard thermistors. I used Vishay ones I got off ebay. Manufacturer code NTCLE300E3103SB . The top and bottom covers are made from 9mm polypropylene also purchased from ebay... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/361824620070?var=631087054490. The outer cover was 0.8mm polypropylene sheet... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224642170534. If you're ordering the other parts from AliExpress please use my links. Thanks. Be careful. Good luck!
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# palmag999@gmail.com 2022-04-15 16:02
quando costa ricostruire una batteria per super soco tc max da 72 v
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# Tim 2022-04-15 16:07
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