My Super Soco TC Max came with a 5A charger. This is fine if you don't mind waiting 8 hours for it to charge. Super Soco make a 10A charger but at time of writing these are unavailable. Even if they were available they are very expensive. The alternative is to buy a generic lithium ion charger. These are readily available on line.




This charger from Wate is a 10A 84V lithium ion charger. Wate are a reasonably well known brand in ebike circles. In order to charge the TC Max battery without the BMS disconnecting at the end of charge it has to be adjusted for 83V use.



Inside the charger are several potentiometers. One for current, one for cut off current and one for cut off voltage. The one circled in the image is for cut off voltage. This can be adjusted to 83V using a multimeter on the output cable.

The battery cable is cut from the standard Super Soco charger and terminated with an XT90 connector.



Once a reasonable rate of charge is possible using public chargers makes more sense. To enable the use of public chargers a type 2 plug is required...



Inside the type two plug the wires are the same colours as a normal household plug. Plugging into public chargers is the same as plugging in at home. The main difference is that they have three phases available. For our purpose we only need one of those phases.



The resistors connect between the two small pins on the plug to earth. The value determines the maximum expected load. They are pre-installed in the connector linked.

I used wago connectors to connect some 1.5mm flex to make it lighter and easier to carry. 






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