Our team consists of two riders Chris (56) and Tim (65), both of whom ride pre injection Kawasaki G series ZX6Rs. Chris started racing at the beginning of 2012, his first race at Donnington Park was an extreme challenge with torrential rain and minimal experience of the track. Having overcome a steep learning curve and a broken collar bone at Mallory Park in 2013 Chris is now coming into his third year racing and hoping for some good results in 2014.

Up to now Tim has only just got his bike prepared for the beginning of the 2014 season. He's had experience racing 80cc bikes in his youth on small tracks around the country but after a 15 year break is now spending time learning the bigger tracks on track days. Hopefully by the end of 2014 Tim will have gained his ACU licence and joined Chris on track.

In 2013 the team attended several rounds of the Auto 66 championship plus a few races in the Darley Moor championship where Chris often finished well.



The bikes-

To get on track as quickly as possible Chris' 1999 ZX6R was purchased already set up as a track day bike so only required a few modifications to conform to ACU rules. The oil filler cap and oil filter had to be lockwired and a shark fin chain guard had to be made and fitted. To get the best from the bike the suspension has been upgraded with new internals in the forks and new Nitron shock in the rear. All the suspension work was done by Reactive Suspension in York. A trip to Dynobike in Malton for a session on the rolling road ensured she was up to power and running sweet.

Tim's 1998 ZX6R started out as a road bike. Shortly after purchase the road fairings were sold and replaced with fibreglass race fairings. The alarm was removed and wiring loom tidied. The brake calipers were dismantled, cleaned and rebuilt with new seals. The pads already fitted were EBC HH which looked in good shape so were put back in. A new 520 chain and bigger sprockets were fitted, also a pair of Bridgestone BT015 tyres. It was thought since Tim was still learning the tracks the extra money for stickier tyres would be a waste. On the two track days attended in 2013 the BT015s performed well, softening up nicely once some heat was in them. A set of rearset pegs were bolted on, a thourough service carried out then out for a thrash round Cadwell!



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